The Auckland Housing Summit is the initiative of a voluntary group of concerned Aucklanders.

We don't want to finger point, blame the other guy, or talk about the problems.  We know what the problems are, we know a lot of the solutions – what we need is action. 

There is no single organisation, idea or person, no matter how innovative or powerful, that can solve Auckland's housing crisis.  Together, we need to step up and be part of the solution.  We need to ask ourselves:  what will we do to solve the Auckland housing crisis?  It requires connecting minds in a common direction with common objectives.  It needs real leadership, long term focus and commitment. 

The Auckland Housing Summit will draw together a cross section of industry leaders to create a platform for direct action through the discipline of collective impact.  It will deliver a collective plan of action, with accountabilities, responsibilities, and timeframes that can be shared with Aucklanders.


Collective impact is a structured form of collaboration that recognises complex problems require a coordinated, structured and collaborative approach.  It embraces continuous improvement and rigorous data to drive transformative social change.  Collective impact efforts typically have five conditions:  common agenda; shared measurement; mutually reinforcing activities; continuous communication; and backbone support.